Our Crown Attitude skin Protect is an antiperspirant and skin shield produced. This product creates a layer of protection, blocks sweat, and body oil. Crown Attitude Skin Protect should be applied before the application of any adhesive. 


For those with sensitive skin, this product may not prevent all skin reactions from the adhesives. Crown Attitude Skin Protect is ideal for use with all adhesives produced by Crown Attitude. This product is lab tested and is skin safe for those with normal skin. The product should be stored at normal room conditions. Please flush eyes thoroughly with water, if the product contacts the eye area. This product should not be used as an antiperspirant in the under arm area. Please consult a certified professional for proper application techniques and procedures. 



  • Clean and dry the area thoroughly 
  • Spray Crown Attitude Skin Protect onto towel
  • Apply directly to the skin where you will use Crown Attitude super bonding glue, You may do several coats. Once it dries you may proceed to use adhesives or tape. 

Skin Protectant