Introducing the Crown Attitude super bonding glue. the primary lace adhesive by Crown Attitude is an amazing water-based, non-toxic lace adhesive capable of a 1-2 week hold. Ideal for application of hair systems and hair units. This adhesive is odorless, humidity resistant, and waterproof under certain conditions. The product does not contain latex. The glue is applied white, but dries to an invisible layer. This light bonding adhesive will give clients superior hold without damaging the lace or the edges. Not recommended for those with very sensitive skin or skin disorders. This glue should be stored at room temperature. Please consult a certified professional for proper application.



1- Clean skin with rubbing alcohol

2- Apply three thin layers of our glue and spread it back to make it have enough width.

3- Dry each layer CLEAR before application 

4- Wrap your Crown Attitude edge wrap  on once glued down.

5- Blow dry on cool heat for 10 minutes

6- Leave band on for 5 extra minutes


Disclaimer: Everyone’s skin isn’t the same and some may have oilier skin than others, DO A PATCH TEST before using the glue


Read the ingredients and perform a patch test on yourself before using on your entire forehead. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and we are not held responsible for any allergic reactions.

Lace Glue