Lay your frontal / edges to prefection using hour Crown Attitude edge wrap . When you finish gluing down your frontal us the edge wrap to secure it for a neat and long-lasting install. The Crown Attitude edge wrap can also be used once you’ve sleeked your natural/relaxed hair. It’s perfect for securing edges and maintaining styles whiles asleep or while you get ready 


• laying your edges & create that professional melt finish to your frontal.
•Securing your edges over night
•Wear it during daily activities 
•A fashion accessory wrap 

•one size fits all Adjustable wrap
•Velcro ends
•Comfortable deluxe elastic lining
•Holds your hair in style comfortably
•Prevents hair from lifting 


Recommend to hand wash. If using a washing machine we advise you to place the edge wrap in a washing bag to avoid the wrap tangling .

Edge Wrap